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Über Lynx

Lynx ist ein quelloffener Textbrowser für die Konsole. Bei der Darstellung von Webseiten mit Lynx wird auf die Grafik verzichtet; demzufolge ist dieser Browser sehr schnell.

Zwar fehlen dann die multimedialen Elemente von Webseiten, aber dadurch ergeben sich wieder andere Vorteile:

  • gefahrlose Betrachtung von Webseiten mit Schadcode,
  • Tests von Webseiten für blinde User, die einen Screenreader benutzen,
  • Einbindung von Lynx innerhalb von Scripten, um Webseiten automatisch zu durchsuchen,
  • große Absturzsicherheit,
  • Betrachtung von Webseiten möglich ohne Übertragung von Userdaten ("Web Bugs").


Lynx ist verfügbar für folgende Betriebssysteme:

  • Unix,
  • VMS,
  • DOS386+, jedoch nicht DOS 3.1/3.11,
  • Windows 95/98/NT-basierte System,
  • OS/2,
  • Mac OS X,
  • "Classic" Macintosh System 7 und später,
  • BeOS,
  • MINIX,
  • QNX,
  • AmigaOS.

Möglichkeiten von Lynx

Mit Lynx ist es möglich, Dateien aus dem Netz per Download zu beziehen, auch enthält Lynx über die Tastenkombi "H"
eine integrierte Programmhilfe.

Ein Downloadbeispiel Die integrierte Hilfe Die Browserseite des Wikis in Lynx
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Die Bedienung ist sehr einfach und man benötigt für den Anfang nur wenige Tastenkombinationen, um Lynx zu bedienen:

  Pfeile: Auf/Ab: andere Seite im Text. Rechts: Verweis folgen; Links: zurück.
  H)ilfe O)ptionen P) Druck G)ehe zu M) Hauptseite Q) Beenden /=Suche <-=History 

(Die jeweiligen Tasten zur Benutzung sind fett dargestellt.)

Angaben zur Version von Lynx

C:\Program Files (x86)\Lynx>lynx --version
Lynx Version 2.8.7rel.1 (05 Jul 2009)
libwww-FM 2.14FM, s-lang 2.1.4
Compiled by Microsoft Visual C++ (Jul 14 2009 21:21:43).

Copyrights held by the Lynx Developers Group,
the University of Kansas, CERN, and other contributors.
Distributed under the GNU General Public License (Version 2).
See and the online help for more information.

Die Programmoptionen beim Aufruf von Lynx

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Lynx>lynx --help
USAGE: lynx [options] [file]
Options are:
  -                 receive options and arguments from stdin
                    accept cookies without prompting if Set-Cookie handling
                    is on (off)
  -anonymous        apply restrictions for anonymous account,
                    see also -restrictions
                    charset for documents that don't specify it
                    charset assumed for local files
                    use this instead of unrecognized charsets
  -auth=id:pw       authentication information for protected documents
  -base             prepend a request URL comment and BASE tag to text/html
                    outputs for -source dumps
  -bibhost=URL      local bibp server (default http://bibhost/)
  -blink            enable bright background via the BLINK terminal attribute (o
  -book             use the bookmark page as the startfile (off)
  -buried_news      toggles scanning of news articles for buried references (on)

  -cache=NUMBER     NUMBER of documents cached in memory
  -case             enable case sensitive user searching (off)
  -center           toggle center alignment in HTML TABLE (off)
  -cfg=FILENAME     specifies a lynx.cfg file other than the default
  -child            exit on left-arrow in startfile, and disable save to disk
  -child_relaxed    exit on left-arrow in startfile (allows save to disk)
  -cmd_log=FILENAME log keystroke commands to the given file
                    read keystroke commands from the given file
                    (see -cmd_log)
  -color            force color mode on with standard bg colors
                    set the N-second connection timeout (18000)
                    specifies a file to use to read cookies
                    specifies a file to use to store cookies
  -cookies          toggles handling of Set-Cookie headers (on)
  -core             toggles forced core dumps on fatal errors (off)
  -crawl            with -traversal, output each page to a file
                    with -dump, format output as with -traversal, but to stdout
  -debug_partial    incremental display stages with MessageSecs delay (off)
  -delay=NNN        set NNN-second delay at statusline message (0)
  -display=DISPLAY  set the display variable for X exec'ed programs
                    charset for the terminal output
  -dont_wrap_pre    inhibit wrapping of text in <pre> when -dump'ing and
                    -crawl'ing, mark wrapped lines in interactive session (off)
  -dump             dump the first file to stdout and exit
  -editor=EDITOR    enable edit mode with specified editor
  -emacskeys        enable emacs-like key movement (off)
                    toggles compatibility with comm programs' scrollback
                    keys (may be incompatible with some curses packages) (off)
  -error_file=FILE  write the HTTP status code here
                    force HREF-less 'A' elements to be empty (close them as
                    soon as they are seen) (off)
  -force_html       forces the first document to be interpreted as HTML (off)
  -force_secure     toggles forcing of the secure flag for SSL cookies (off)
  -forms_options    toggles forms-based vs old-style options menu (on)
  -from             toggle transmission of From headers (on)
  -ftp              disable ftp access (off)
  -get_data         user data for get forms, read from stdin,
                    terminated by '---' on a line
  -head             send a HEAD request (off)
  -help             print this usage message
                    hidden links: options are merge, listonly, or ignore
  -historical       toggles use of '>' or '-->' as terminator for comments (off)

  -homepage=URL     set homepage separate from start page
  -image_links      toggles inclusion of links for all images (off)
  -index=URL        set the default index file to URL
  -ismap            toggles inclusion of ISMAP links when client-side
                    MAPs are present (off)
  -justify          do justification of text (off)
  -link=NUMBER      starting count for lnk#.dat files produced by -crawl (0)
  -listonly         with -dump, forces it to show only the list of links (off)
  -localhost        disable URLs that point to remote hosts (off)
  -mime_header      include mime headers and force source dump
  -minimal          toggles minimal versus valid comment parsing (on)
  -nested_tables    toggles nested-tables logic (off)
                    number of articles in chunked news listings
                    maximum news articles in listings before chunking
  -noblat           select mail tool (`BLAT' ==> `sendmail') (on)
  -nobold           disable bold video-attribute
  -nobrowse         disable directory browsing
  -nocc             disable Cc: prompts for self copies of mailings (off)
  -nocolor          turn off color support
  -nofilereferer    disable transmission of Referer headers for file URLs (on)
  -nolist           disable the link list feature in dumps (off)
  -nolog            disable mailing of error messages to document owners (on)
  -nomargins        disable the right/left margins in the default
                    style-sheet (off)
  -nomore           disable -more- string in statusline messages
  -nonumbers        disable the link/form numbering feature in dumps (off)
  -nopause          disable forced pauses for statusline messages
  -noprint          disable some print functions, like -restrictions=print (off)

  -noredir          don't follow Location: redirection (off)
  -noreferer        disable transmission of Referer headers (off)
  -noreverse        disable reverse video-attribute
  -nostatus         disable the miscellaneous information messages (off)
  -notitle          disable the title at the top of each page (off)
  -nounderline      disable underline video-attribute
  -number_fields    force numbering of links as well as form input fields (off)
  -number_links     force numbering of links (off)
  -partial          toggles display partial pages while downloading (on)
  -partial_thres    [=NUMBER]
                    number of lines to render before repainting display
                    with partial-display logic (-1)
  -passive-ftp      toggles passive ftp connection (on)
  -pauth=id:pw      authentication information for protected proxy server
  -popup            toggles handling of single-choice SELECT options via
                    popup windows or as lists of radio buttons (off)
  -post_data        user data for post forms, read from stdin,
                    terminated by '---' on a line
  -preparsed        show parsed text/html with -source and in source view
                    to visualize how lynx behaves with invalid HTML (off)
  -prettysrc        do syntax highlighting and hyperlink handling in source
                    view (off)
  -print            enable print functions (DEFAULT), opposite of -noprint (on)
  -pseudo_inlines   toggles pseudo-ALTs for inlines with no ALT string (on)
  -raw              toggles default setting of 8-bit character translations
                    or CJK mode for the startup character set (off)
  -realm            restricts access to URLs in the starting realm (off)
  -read_timeout=N   set the N-second read-timeout (18000)
  -reload           flushes the cache on a proxy server
                    (only the first document affected) (off)
                    use -restrictions to see list
  -resubmit_posts   toggles forced resubmissions (no-cache) of forms with
                    method POST when the documents they returned are sought
                    with the PREV_DOC command or from the History List (off)
  -rlogin           disable rlogins (off)
  -scrollbar        toggles showing scrollbar (off)
  -scrollbar_arrow  toggles showing arrows at ends of the scrollbar (on)
  -selective        require .www_browsable files to browse directories
  -short_url        enables examination of beginning and end of long URL in
                    status line (off)
  -show_cfg         Show `LYNX.CFG' setting (off)
  -show_cursor      toggles hiding of the cursor in the lower right corner (on)
  -show_rate        toggles display of transfer rate (on)
  -soft_dquotes     toggles emulation of the old Netscape and Mosaic
                    bug which treated '>' as a co-terminator for
                    double-quotes and tags (off)
  -source           dump the source of the first file to stdout and exit
  -stack_dump       disable SIGINT cleanup handler (off)
  -startfile_ok     allow non-http startfile and homepage with -validate (off)
  -stderr           write warning messages to standard error when -dump
                    or -source is used (off)
  -stdin            read startfile from standard input (off)
  -tagsoup          use TagSoup rather than SortaSGML parser (off)
  -telnet           disable telnets (off)
  -term=TERM        set terminal type to TERM
  -timeout=NUMBER   set TCP/IP timeout (180)
  -tlog             toggles use of a Lynx Trace Log for the current
                    session (on)
  -tna              turn on "Textfields Need Activation" mode (off)
  -trace            turns on Lynx trace mode (off)
  -trace_mask       customize Lynx trace mode (0)
  -traversal        traverse all http links derived from startfile
                    trim input text/textarea fields in forms (off)
  -underline_links  toggles use of underline/bold attribute for links (off)
  -underscore       toggles use of _underline_ format in dumps (off)
  -use_mouse        turn on mouse support (off)
  -useragent=Name   set alternate Lynx User-Agent header
  -validate         accept only http URLs (meant for validation)
                    implies more restrictions than -anonymous, but
                    goto is allowed for http and https (off)
  -verbose          toggles [LINK], [IMAGE] and [INLINE] comments
                    with filenames of these images (on)
  -version          print Lynx version information
  -vikeys           enable vi-like key movement (off)
  -width=NUMBER     screen width for formatting of dumps (default is 80)
  -with_backspaces  emit backspaces in output if -dumping or -crawling
                    (like 'man' does) (off)
  -xhtml-parsing    enable XHTML 1.0 parsing (off)

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